About Us

Who we are

A team specialized in public relations at an institutional and commercial level: we can support you in marketing and communications strategic plans. We deal with both Chinese and Italian market.

We have partnerships with universities, government agencies and foundations, to improve our plans, but we always welcome new inspirations.

Imago Communication was born in 2013 when an Italian journalist met a Chinese designer. They grow a good friendship and a common interest towards the media, that become tha basis to start an intercultural dialogue to enhance communication between Italy and China. They develope specific proposals: from the integrated project “Italy for you” to the first television appearance on CCTV, from the development of social media on wechat and Weibo to a thematic blog. 2015 marked important co-productions with Chinese media companies: the successful reality “Sisters over Flowers” for Dragon TV production and “Queen”, dealing the world of made in Italy luxury.


  • We support the internationalization of our customers through a network operating between Italy and China: our strategic operations become real functional product positionings and brandings.
  • Cultural promotion is our first focus of interest, reflected in many different products in the fields of art, showbusiness and entertainment.
  • We believe in cultural mediation as a real strength to break down barriers.